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Commercial Space Damaged By Fire and Water

Commercial Space Damaged By Fire and Water

Water damage that occurs from putting a fire out can cause additional damage if left untouched. That's why SERVPRO can save the day by fixing and drying the structure as well as building it all back.

For this project the flooring and subflooring was beyond repair after the water used to put out the fire did not drain away from the space. SERVPRO made the decision in order to make this space safe, we would need to remove the flooring to see how the subfloor was affected. Seeing the saturation levels were so high, we replaced the subflooring making this space safe again. 

Office Space Flooded

Office Space Flooded

When it comes to getting your business back up and running after a disaster happens, call on the professionals at SERVPRO. We know the importance of getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

One of the mistakes made it waiting to long to call in the professionals or by setting weak equipment to dry out carpets. The equipment we use is of the highest quality and strength to make sure the water is pulled before creating more issues and air quality issues with moisture in the air. Regular box fans will not do the job and will likely keep you from getting things dry. 

Drying A School Gymnasium

School Gymnasium Hardwood Floor Dry-Out

Special equipment is set to help dry out a school gymnasium floor that was hit with a large amount of water. It was essential for this job to restore the floor rather than to replace to save the school and insurance a lot of time and money.

Commercial Services Ready When Disaster Strikes

Commercial Services

When a large commercial business has a disaster strike, the first group they call and trust in is SERVPRO. With the best in equipment and trained staff, we truly are ready for any sized disaster.

Commercial Building Restoration Services

Onsite at a large commercial loss

No matter the size, SERVPRO of Bloomington is ready with the right equipment and trained professional staff ready to take on the job at hand. 

It is essential to have the right equipment and enough equipment to be able to handle large loss and SERVPRO of Bloomington is ready.

Large Loss Drying Equipment

Desiccant For Large Loss Drying

SERVPRO of Bloomington has the equipment to handle any loss large or small. This even includes large drying equipment that is also set with its own power generator. No worries if the power is out, SERVPRO can still get the job done.

SERVRO associate cleaning the ceiling around light fixture

Attention to Detail in Commercial Clean

Paying close attention to detail and ensuring all areas of a water affected area are properly dried and cleaned and ready for reconstruction.

Commercial Large Loss 53' Trailers

Here is some of our stocked commercial trailers that were deployed  to a large multi story fire.

Large Loss Onsite Command Center

Large Loss Command Center

Here is a picture of our commercial Large Loss Command Center equipped with all the latest technology to ensure any sized disaster is taken care of properly. Here plans and meetings take place to ensure a quality job is done every time. 

Our Semi

Rick Dasenbrock delivering supplies in our SERVPRO Semi.