Fire Damage Photo Gallery

soot damaged desk

Smoke Damage Can Be Reversed on Furniture

Heavy smoke damaged this desk and saturated it with smoke odors. Those odors are harmful to breath which is why its imperative to get them professionally cleaned. Call the Professionals at SERVPRO today to find out more.

Bathroom vanity damaged by smoke and soot

Fire Damages Bathroom

No area is safe from the affects of smoke and soot, which is why its always essential to call the professionals at SERVPRO to make sure all of the harmful smoke and soot damages and odors are removed. 

This is a very extreme level of smoke and soot damage in this bathroom area. These items were damaged beyond repair and would later require out clean team as well as reconstruction to clean them remodel this space. 

The harmful odors and stains that are left on surfaces are not something you should try to clean on your own. These odors and stains can make the living space unhealthy. That's where SERVPRO is here to help.

Harmful Odors From Fire Damage

Harmful Odors From Fire Damage

The obvious visual damages from fires are easy to spot, however it takes the best in staffing and equipment to get rid of the odors derived from fires. Smoke and soot can saturate surfaces and will require specialized cleaning that SERVPRO offers. 

This kitchen fire was intense spreading smoke and soot damage through out the entire home. Even if there is light smoke odor and soot damage in areas far away from the fire do not take those lightly. Be sure to use a professional restoration company to handle all rooms to make sure those harmful odors are removed permanently.  For questions how we can help, call today at 812-824-2027

Equipment For Fire Damage

SERVPRO Equipment

Air scrubbers are set to be able to get rid of odors in the air associated after a fire has taken place. Each piece of equipment can handle only so much square footage, so likely you'll see many of these after a fire.

Fire Affected Home

Fire Damaged Home

SERVPRO is able to handle full scale fire damage from cleaning, deodorizing and full reconstruction we are able to take this damaged home to like new condition when we are done.

three dimensional tour picture of a home

Full 3D tour option available on Fire Damaged Homes

With the power of state of the art technology, we are able to create a full three dimensional walk-thru tour of fire damaged homes to ensure damage is thoroughly recorded and can be reviewed.