Water Damage Photo Gallery

pipe burst affects ceiling

Pipe Burst Floods Basement

A pipe burst damaged an entire basement including the ceiling. This large water damage required drying out the space and replacing the ceiling after the plumbing was repaired in the home.

Water is absolutely unpredictable as it can travel anywhere regardless of what might be in its way. This home took on a major pipe burst in the ceiling nearly flooding out the basement. 

SERVPRO came in, removed the ceiling and any insulation/sound detonating materials then began working from the floor up. Drying out the flooring and checking walls for any further damage or saturation levels that were to high. 

Water damaged in laundry room

Drying Out After The Washing Machine Malfunctions

Many times when the washing machine in the laundry room gets backed up, flooded floors are what you get. And it might seem minor at the time, but water can get trapped under your floor causing more issues than you might think.

We've all been there before, the washing machine either backs up through the hose drain or just simply starts leaking somewhere within the unit. 

That water can travel under floors and cause incredible damage. Our drying technology in some cases depending on saturation levels, can actually dry the floor and subfloor out without having to remove the flooring. 

Don't Let Water Run You Out

Flooded Home

Don't let water run you out of your home or business. Call on the professionals at SERVPRO to handle your water damage needs. With the best in trained staff and water extraction units we can get you in the dry in no time.

water damaged sheetrock in a home

Water Damaged Sheetrock in Bedford, IN

A home had a pipe burst causing damage to the sheetrock and onto the floor beneath. In this project the ceiling had to be removed as the sheetrock was overly saturated with water and was not salvageable. 

Ducted mat drying out ceramic tile flooring

Floor Drying for Restoration

Working to dry flooring using a ported drying mat to save floor rather than replace all of it after a washing machine leaked in this room.

Extensive Water Damage in a School Building

This is what our team saw upon entering the school. Several inches of water damage caused by flooding.

When facing several inches of water in a commercial building, you don't want to leave this catastrophe to non professionals. SERVPRO of Bloomington's Recovery Team has the knowledge base, the human resources and the specialized equipment to handle a catastrophic water loss like the one pictured. 

Facing a catastrophic event can be tremendously overwhelming so call the cleanup team who has decades of experience in commercial restoration services on a large scale. Call SERVPRO of Bloomington at (812) 275-2244.

Broken Pipe in Ceiling

You can see that a broken overhead water line can create quite a bit of damage. Call the water damage specialists at SERVPRO of Bloomington for your cleanup disaster!

One Call to (812) 824-2027 will get us deployed to your Location and immediately start cleaning up the damage to get you back to normal.

Quality Customer Service

One of our administrative assistants taking down vital information to dispatch our team to a water damage.

Water Extraction

Water Damage Extraction

This was a water damage at a daycare center. Crews were called onsite immediately following a commercial structure was flooded. Water extraction units were called in to take all of the water out of the carpets.